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File: BalancePowerTracker_BlizzardEclipseBar01-07-11
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ok i didnt know if it should be here or en the actully addon but is it regards this skin i figured here. i want to know if it possible to remove the frame, the blizzard frame or whatever its called so it "hovers free" in my interface cause the frame doesnt rly fit my interface, i know this is only for the looks but i like a nice a...
File: ForteXorcist09-07-10
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hey i am i dk tank and i find this usefull but still it takes alot of space when i use my diseases, is there a way to stack them so i can just see all the diseases there got applied at the same time as one bar? sry for my english it aint great but hope u get my point
File: Power Auras Classic02-06-10
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is it possible to make an icon to show if the target have some buff there can be purged? sorry if this have alrdy been asked
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-24-09
edit lua file map aura
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is it possible to make the minimap aura bigger? thoose golden things rotating around the minimap. found out how to make the minimap bigger but now i got a black ring in the minimap
File: ZMobDB Advanced610-22-09
roth ui
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heya. i use roth ui and i want to use theese 3d models, but in the roth ui my pic i sonly shown when im in party, i would like that zmod did that aswell. any one know if its is possible to do? im willing to change some codes if u just tell me wich and where to do it. sry for my poor english
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-22-09
cant save
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i cant save the changes for some wierd reason :S
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-21-09
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is there any way to turn of the animated pictures then? so its just normal non moving pictures?
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-21-09
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awsome interface :D but i got a problem. i dont like my bags bieng so large and i dont mind making orbs and bars smaller, so i went to the ui scale section, but of i lower it the glow in the orbs goes outside the orb, instead of bieng insite there are some glow on each site of the orb. any way to solve this? or am i stuck with the l...
File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)09-21-09
help plz
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my interface looks pretty damn wired dunno what i did wrong. i rennamed the folders and wrote the /thingy but my interface looks like [email protected] problem just the things are placed a bit different hope any can help.
File: Adapt - Almost-Default Animated Portraits09-16-09
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hey my party aint 3d any known issues or something like that? im using spartanui if that helps.
File: ZMobDB Advanced603-31-09
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hey dante. is it possible to make the pictures as a circle instead of a square? and if the addon alrdy offer this plz help me figure it out.