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File: Rematch 4.0 Beta09-03-15
I read the discussion you linked....
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I read the discussion you linked. I understand that Blizzard randomly changes petID. How does it handle naming of individual pets. If a player wanted persistent notes could you tie it to the pet name. If that is possible you could add a name field to the create note popup. If the pet gets caged and loaned out the note would be o...
File: Rematch 4.0 Beta09-02-15
Thank you very much for the ability...
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Thank you very much for the ability numbers. I would just like to let you know that with the last few updates with the beta I have not wanted or needed to uncheck the rematch option to go to the old pet journal. Congratulations on replacing it with something useful :banana: As for notes. I actually didn't know you could attach...
File: Rematch 4.0 Beta08-21-15
Let me say Many Thanks! for your ex...
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Let me say Many Thanks! for your excellent work on Rematch 3.0 and now 4.0. I used the new beta for a couple of hours today and it is obvious that you have put a lot of thought into how things flow and how to make things work economically. I have the zookeeper achievement and I basically work on leveling my current stable of pets a...
File: BEM-Button05-22-09
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A nice simple addon that makes life easier :D
File: tomQuest204-23-09
Unable to get quest log to appear.
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First off let me say this looks like an outstanding mod. I was using UberQuest but this looks much better. The trackers work quite well but I am unable to get anything but the standard Blizzard quest log to appear. I have checked anything to do with quest logs. Is there some other mod, or magic command I need to use? Thank...
File: UberQuest04-16-09
Does UberQuest still work with Lightheaded?
Posted By: jewhedon
Was able to get UberQuest working by changing the key mapping but I don't seem to be able to get Lightheaded to display. Is anyone else having this problem.