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File: SilverDragon05-14-09
Disable automatic scanning while flying?
Posted By: WiB Mods
First, I love this mod but was wondering if it would be possible/worthwhile to disable cache scanning while in flight (not on your own flying mount). I often get cache detections while flying over a zone and since I can't hop off and find the mob it's a little bit distracting. Not a big problem but just a suggestion. Thanks for th...
File: TankPoints04-24-09
Geina, There is a HealPoints mod...
Posted By: WiB Mods
Geina, There is a HealPoints mod that you can find on Curse. It hasn't been updated since 3.1 so I'm not sure how accurate it is anymore. You can also use Pawn and input your values into a custom scale. You might also want to take a look at another Whitetooth mod - RatingBuster - which doesn't give you a total number of xPoints...