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File: bBars09-20-12
rogue action bar behavior
Posted By: Jenseny
Another poster mentioned trouble with the rogue action bars. I found out that if you don't have abilities in every slot in stealth, when you pop out of stealth it won't revert to displaying the abilities in the same slots out of stealth. The bar display is also screwing up when I stealth mid-combat (say by a talent as a subtlet...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)09-18-12
A hundred thanks!
Posted By: Jenseny
This is one of my three all-time favorite addons. :D Thank you so much for doing this amazing work. While I love its versatility and low memory profile, my single favorite feature is the amazing integrated aura timers. Thanks again for updating this wonderful addon in time for the next xpac! :banana:
File: Gumpsterface for Btex ver 412-11-09
Re: Another Combo interface otw
Posted By: Jenseny
I love the big box in the center! I can't wait to give revamping my UI to try it out this weekend! I'll send pictures!
File: Gumpsterface for Btex ver 408-05-09
Thanks, and a request
Posted By: Jenseny
Gumpster, First I'd like to say that you've got some very intriguing, good-looking, and useful layout designs here. After seeing your "Druid" layout I had to go try Macaroon for the first time.. what a pain to configure, but wow does it look good and save some space! I started with your "gumpilation" and have been messing around...
File: nUI : InfoPanel [GuildChat]04-20-09
Posted By: Jenseny
I love this plugin! Instead of using it for guild chat (which I sort of like to see even when in raids, where I need omen!), I've got it set up to display the chatter that I generally only conditionally watch.... trade / looking for group / guild recruitment / roll information / honor-tradeskills / npc chatter! Thank you!