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File: oUF_Freebgrid04-07-09
Re: Re: 1 Problem
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Originally posted by mrruben5 I believe that is intentional :) Guess not :D Indicators should work as intended ^^ But found the problem :P My wife is playing on a deDE Client....Freebgrid is not localized :) enEN hardcoded :) didnt thought about it, mentioned nowhere...:) Suggestion for new releases : add better local...
File: TotemManager04-07-09
Hi there, awesome mod..made my sham...
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Hi there, awesome mod..made my shaman ui much cleaner :) But i found 1 little thing thats not as it should be i guess :) Last days i spent much time in farming herbs, and watched my ui memory usage cause of my redesign of my ui, and it seems, that totemmanager keeps allocating memory for no use, even if i dont set totems and ju...
File: oUF_Freebgrid04-05-09
1 Problem
Posted By: Insonic
Hi, Nice layout..but i've got 1 problem. Indicators for Renew,PW:Shield, Fortitude etc dont work... Its just showing a yellow, purple and teal point in the upper right..thats all...doesnt matter what i buff or cast on party member. any hints ?