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File: Caith UI02-03-11
could anyone tell me what's the bor...
Posted By: howlsfaith
could anyone tell me what's the border that goes around the frames, minimap, buffs, action bars and such? been trying to find it :(
File: Prat 3.003-27-10
Can't resize Prat
Posted By: howlsfaith
Now, maybe I am being a noob but I can't resize Prat +( specifically with my alts. I can right click, unlock it and drag the window everywhere but I can't resize it :( I just try to click and drag one of the borders but nothing happens. edit: I even tryed to change it on the Frames tab but still nothing happens. I even deleted th...
File: Caith UI01-27-10
buffs and minimap
Posted By: howlsfaith
hello, thanks for the awesome UI :) also, is there a way to config the buffs and the minimap? I can't find the / command to open a config window. thanks in advance
File: ag_UnitFrames05-14-09
Posted By: howlsfaith
is there a way to turn off the race option? So in 'paladin blood elf' only the paladin would appear? thanks
File: Bartender404-16-09
Getting the following error everyti...
Posted By: howlsfaith
Getting the following error everytime I kill/loot (not sure which one) something: Interface/AddOns/Bartender4/ActionButton.lua:266: attempt to call method 'SetFrameRef' (a nil value)
File: eCastingBar04-16-09
howlsfaith: I sent an email to your...
Posted By: howlsfaith
howlsfaith: I sent an email to your gmail account regarding this feature. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D
File: eCastingBar04-15-09
I was wondering if it's possible to...
Posted By: howlsfaith
I was wondering if it's possible to add the full cast time of the spell to the bar. Like: Flash of Light (the countdown)/(full cast time) Thanks
File: Telnets UI Art04-06-09
Posted By: howlsfaith
I just LOVE your interface :X the bars, the buttons, the minimap, the organization and your artwork. Is there anyway you can put your UI here so we can download it? :X pretty please ><