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File: TomTom05-20-08
Two arrows with Lightheaded and TomTom
Posted By: Nahkohe
I've just started using Lightheaded and TomTom together and love the integration with quests. However, I am having a problem with 2 waypoint arrows showing up each time I click coords. One seems to be coming from LH and the other from TomTom. TomTom has the extra features so it would be nice to be able to turn off the LH waypoin...
File: MetaMap01-04-07
Quest Log
Posted By: Nahkohe
I've been using MetaMap for a long time - it's a great addon - but just yesterday imported my QuestHistory database. I have ~2600 entries spread over 4 servers. The entries were imported minus ~350 that it said it didn't have enough data for. I then logged in every toon once. What I've observed after playing a new toon is that...
File: Bongos209-08-06
Posted By: Nahkohe
Tuller: Congratulatations! This is the first custom bar addon I've used since trying Flexbar for 1 hour a year ago. It works like a dream and the scripting is great once you get the hang of it - I love my Shadowform bar switch :) Nahkohe
File: KeepItCool (Discontinued)06-08-06
Login Freeze
Posted By: Nahkohe
Same problem here as well - whenever my cooldown is up I hear the gong and wow never gets past the login screen.
File: MetaMap05-29-06
Re: Re: Squelch info to chat box ?
Posted By: Nahkohe
Originally posted by MetaHawk Nope, it's still there. From the menu, select Extended Options, click on the MetaMapKB tab, then untick 'Show Updates'. That will just show the bare minimum of messages. ;) I have Show Updates unselected but I'm still plagued with messages like : Could not add, this note is too near to "n...
File: MetaMap05-29-06
Squelch info to chat box ?
Posted By: Nahkohe
MetaHawk: I've been happily using MetaMap for a long time now and am amazed at how it has grown - great work. I've just started using 4.31 and I now have lots of messages related to adding info on NPC's going to my chat box. A long time ago (Jan/Feb) you added/fixed the option to squelch this for me but I can't find the option now...
File: Elkano's ItemDB02-05-06
Tab for searching a persistent DB like KC_Items
Posted By: Nahkohe
Elkano: The last thing I'd recommend is building another persistent DB of items :) - there are plenty out there. Having a new tab at the bottom of your current window would be a superb way to search. My personal preference is KC_items from Kaelten which would allow searching for any item on any toon whether worn, banked or in thei...
File: Elkano's ItemDB02-04-06
Feature Request
Posted By: Nahkohe
I've just tried the addon and like it. That being said I'm wondering if there could be an option to limit itself to only those items actually on my toons. I've been looking for a way to search and filter items on my toons and this is very close. Of course there would need to be a way to identify on what toon and where the items ar...
File: KeepItCool (Discontinued)02-02-06
Bug ?
Posted By: Nahkohe
Nice simple addon - I like it but I think I've found a bug. When I type /kic reportdata I get the following error; Interface\Addons\KeepItCool\KeepItCoolUtil.lua:33: attempt to concatenate global 'DAY_ONELETTTER_ABBR' (a nil value) Nahkohe
File: Igor's MassAuction10-13-05
Need a 1.8 update
Posted By: Nahkohe
Seconded - this is a great addon - but needs a 1.8 update.