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File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant12-18-10
Need an Archy version for german cl...
Posted By: Garonne
Need an Archy version for german clients badly... -.- ^^
File: Gatherer12-04-10
Gatherer Mining Issue
Posted By: Garonne
There's currently an issue with gatherer not picking up mining nodes in WoW 4.0.3a since the nodes have been renamed. This might be due to the fact that I'm playing on a german server using a german game client.
File: OPie11-17-10
Re: Enhancement Request: New blizzard smoke flares
Posted By: Garonne
Originally posted by rodalpho As of 4.x, raid leaders/assistants and everybody in 5man parties can drop free smoke flares in 5 different colors at will. Seems to me this would be a great idea for a default Opie ring, much like the raid marks are now. This addon named Smoker does it already as a bar, but the UI is a bit klunky....
File: OPie11-17-10
Example Ring AddOn on Webpage
Posted By: Garonne
I'm curious if you could be so kind and create a mini demo AddOn to allow starter programmers to get a start at LUA programming. Would at least be great for me, if you could set up a AddOn creating a basic example ring with one or two slices (or one slice for each type of slice). This would give all want-to-be programmers a sta...
File: Ion Action Bars10-15-10
Originally posted by Maul /flyout...
Posted By: Garonne
Originally posted by Maul /flyout spell,item+:~Gastwirt,~Teleportieren:linear:BOTTOM:TOP:6:mouse The ~ tells the flyout code your are looking for items that have either one of Ah, thanks. Was looking for some kind of information on it, but there was none. Not for the Macaroon flyout nor for the one by blizz itself. Is the b...
File: Ion Action Bars10-14-10
I tried to make use of the new flyo...
Posted By: Garonne
I tried to make use of the new flyout feature, but have some problems with it. My goal is to make it pop out the Heathstone (I think, thats the english name) as well as teleport-spells. I've tried various variations: /flyout spell,item:Ruhestein:linear:BOTTOM:TOP:6:mouse This one does not work, don't now why... Bug? /f...
File: ArkInventory12-22-09
Re: Question on Guild Bank
Posted By: Garonne
Originally posted by ricks322 When at the Guild Bank I can't seam to get the Tab Info to display. I select the "request tab info" but nothing happens. Uhm... In fact... As far as I remember this option is for "away from guild bank" use and supposed to querry your guild mates for more recent guild bank info, so you don't have to...
File: SmartMount12-08-09
Is SmartMount still supported? Anyo...
Posted By: Garonne
Is SmartMount still supported? Anyone still working on it? Since nothing has happened here since January... :confused:
File: Bang! Anti Spam 210-06-09
I had problems with whisper-filteri...
Posted By: Garonne
I had problems with whisper-filtering, too. It happened when I used the custom filtering options and was definitely tied to it. With custom filtering ALL say, yell and whisper messages got filtered, without it all was fine. Maybe it was, because I cleared all other example-texts... I wanted to use the custom filtering because t...
File: Mountiful09-28-09
Bronze Drake Bug
Posted By: Garonne
Did anyone realize that the "Bronze Drake" Bug still seems to exist on german clients? "Mountiful" didn't work for me since I got my bronze drake and I update as soon as I get my hands on a new version.
File: GoGoMount09-17-09
Preferred Mount overrides ALL THREE Keys
Posted By: Garonne
I've set a flying mount to be my global preferred mount and realized I'm unable to spawn a non flying mount anymore. Shouldn't GoGoMount select a non flying mount if I ASK for a non flying mount? Might be good if you could set the type of mount, when specifying a preferred mount so you can have a preferred flying mount, a preferred r...
File: Altoholic09-15-09
Posted By: Garonne
Hi, I once mentioned a problem with Altoholic not detecting my Rogue Lockpicking Skill (on a german server)... I just wanted to mention: This has been solved. I just realized my lockpicking skill is now correctly displayed in Altoholic. Thanks for fixing it. :)
File: Altoholic05-05-09
Re: Re: Roge Lockpicking
Posted By: Garonne
Originally posted by Thaoky This is the translation I have : L = "Schlossknacken" is it correct ? Well, I'm not sure about internals, but the Client says "Schloss knacken" with a space in between when you have an action button. The Skill-Tab of the Character-Display (where you check your Outfit) does in fact say "Schlosskna...
File: Altoholic05-05-09
Roge Lockpicking
Posted By: Garonne
I've got a Rogue-Twink on my Account, but Altoholic seems to be unable to get my Lockpicking skill info... When hovering the mouse over my Level (on the Skills Tab) my Lockpicking Skill is displayed as 0/0. Are there any localization-probs with lockpicking (deDE)? Do I have to open some window I don't know? Skilling Lockpick...
File: UberAddon04-28-09
Ahm... Did I understand this right?...
Posted By: Garonne
Ahm... Did I understand this right? !invite - Invites anybody who wispers this to you, no matter who that might be? I think that's not the best idea. I'd rather have this option only accept friends/guild mates/authorised chars to be able to invite themself into the group.
File: QuestHelper04-28-09
/qh find
Posted By: Garonne
Would be nice to have an option to ignore filters (like "watched") only for QuestHelper's Find function. I usually have QuestHelper running with the "watched"-Filter active. Whenever I want to search for a specific NPC or location or stuff (using /qh find) I have to deactivate the filter, as those targets are filtered by the "watc...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window04-17-09
Originally posted by Duus Is it p...
Posted By: Garonne
Originally posted by Duus Is it possible NOT to have the Death Knight's Runeforging open in this AddOn? Open the Crafting Window (i.e. Runeforging), switch to the main UI and enter: /atsw disable this will disable ATSW for that skill only. Anyways, you can always manually start (or not start) ATSW by Shift-Clicking a Craft-Windo...
File: ArkInventory04-17-09
Originally posted by NarusegawaNaru...
Posted By: Garonne
Originally posted by NarusegawaNaru Since this latest version it's ignoring the override setting on guildbank. It wont let me show the default (blizzard) one anymore. Before this patch it used to. Mee too. ArkInventory Version: 3.02.10