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File: BadPlayer04-10-09
Re: Re: Issue with BadPlayer
Posted By: Bloaf
Originally posted by Ne0nguy Thanks for the feedback. I have isolated the issue and it will be fixed in the next release of BadPlayer. To work around the 12 char limit, use a slash command to open the BadPlayer list before you open the friends frame. The friends frame limits the text to 12 because it uses a similar window for...
File: BadPlayer04-09-09
Issue with BadPlayer
Posted By: Bloaf
Hello, great mod! I had been using NotesUNeed for a long time to take notes on bad players and people not to group with, but BadPlayer is so much simpler and has some better features, thank you!. I am running into an error with BadPlayer, it will only let me enter 12 characters into the comment field. Per the release notes, I shou...