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File: Balance Power Tracker10-13-10
Originally posted by Copialinex T...
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Originally posted by Copialinex Thank you! Yeah, I know the blizzard's art is awesome, but I wanted to have it working before bothering with art, if it doesn't work, nobody would care, even if the art is as good as Blizz's. I think I'll release a "skin pack" somewhere in the future as another addon, but I've got to give my othe...
File: Fubar - GnomishYellowPagesFu10-22-09
Compatibility w/ Fubar2Broker
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If you do not mind, could you make the addon compatible with Fubar2Broker so that it can be used as a LibDataBroker plugin? Specifically, this would require removing FuBar from the list of RequiredDependencies in the TOC.
File: TipTac07-16-09
Quest Formatting is a bit Noisy
Posted By: perunaion
I believe this issue is with TipTac, but I am not completely certain. Hopefully you can help figure it out. You will note in the following image there are a number of quests involving the selected npc. The problem I find is that when this occurs there is little differentiation between the quest names and the quest objectives thems...
File: ActionButtonText12-16-08
Is it possible to add support for d...
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Is it possible to add support for displaying a spell's required rune types? Some spells require "1 Frost" or "1 Unholy 1 Frost" and it'd be nice to be able to see on the bars what runes are needed to cast.
File: SquawkAndAwe12-10-08
Any chance of this being posted on...
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Any chance of this being posted on wowace? I rather fancy the auto-updater :D
File: Prospector10-12-08
I rewrote to support Inscription/En...
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I rewrote to support Inscription/Enchanting/Jewelcrafting. Anyway, credits to Prospector but check out: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/expeller.aspx
File: GemWatch10-11-08
gem slot totals
Posted By: perunaion
After getting a new set of gear, I commonly have to remember how many gems I need of each color... So I have to mentally add up all the red, blue, or yellow sockets that I have in my gear. It'd be nice to have a total of all the sockets I have by color and how many of each are unsockted. I dunon, maybe its me, but it'd be helpful...
File: Prospector09-27-08
2.4 Inscription
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Will you be updating for 2.4, in particular the Milling ability from Inscription (works off of herbs)? I hacked the current version to support it, but its rather crude.
File: Fast Disenchant09-27-08
2.4 Inscription
Posted By: perunaion
Added the 2.4 Inscription items to this mod. If the author is still around he/she may want to take a look at the wowace mod, LibPeriodicTable as it contains alot of these types of categorized items. Beginning from line 64: = true, --Void Crystal = true, -- Ebon Pigment = true, -- Icy Pigment = true...
File: XLoot Group (Inactive)03-16-07
RollOnLoot() being exectued by another mod
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Well, I'm writing a mod that interfaces with looting a bit. Nothing major, but it does call RollOnLoot() when an item has met certain requirements. The thing with it is when my mod executes, XLootGroup's row remains on the interface, and becomes unclickable/unresponsive. Is there a different method I should be using? Is there som...