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File: oUF_Caellian01-08-10
Not working
Posted By: Neya
hey, i have a problem, i installed it like i suppose to, but the health and mana/power bars are not moving, if i use mana you don't see the mana decreasing, after a while you see the text : low mana, same goes for the health and the health of other targets and group. What is causig this? can i re-install again and hoping that i...
File: Cauldron12-22-09
Posted By: Neya
Hey , i just downloaded the newest version of this addon, but i want to take te tooltip function out. how do i do this? wich lua file to modifiy? Thank you ^^
File: LUI v311-11-09
Other Resolution
Posted By: Neya
Hey, I absolutely love this compilation, only i can't get it to work flawless with my resolution, if i try to modify it myself i get things messed up beyond repair. Can someone make this for me :( i would really appreciate it. my resolution is 1280 x 800. Many thanks, if someone has the time.
File: WoW UI Designer11-01-09
mac version plx :( when y...
Posted By: Neya
mac version plx :( when you have time ofc ^^