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File: oUF Abu09-01-15
Hey i am using this addon for almos...
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Hey i am using this addon for almost 2 month now and i translated it for myself in german, if you like the localization file please let me know how i can send it to you;)
File: BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro09-26-12
Re: Re: Vehicle Bar
Posted By: pas06
How can i do this? I am only using this addon for my spells items etc and not the blizzard ui. my mouse is running in NumPad mode but i think that doesn't matter:rolleyes: What should i bind to the mainactionbar? The Numpad Keys? I can't bind them twice? (to bindpad spells/items and to the actionbar buttons) Can you please explai...
File: tullaCC09-26-12
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Hello, I am getting many lua Errors with this addon: Message: Interface\AddOns\tullaCC\cc.lua:72: attempt to index field 'updater' (a nil value) Time: 09/26/12 18:57:01 Count: 205 Stack: Interface\AddOns\tullaCC\cc.lua:72: in function `Stop' Interface\AddOns\tullaCC\cc.lua:163: in function `Start' Interface\AddOns\tullaCC\co...
File: BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro09-25-12
Vehicle Bar
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Hello, I am using this Addon with my Naga Mouse, Is it possible to klick the Vehicle Bar keys with the keys of the Naga Mouse without deleting my Bindpad Makros? So the addon detects if I am sitting in a vehicle and disables my bindpad makro keybindigs and enables a 1 to 1 Assignemt do my keys?(key 1 on Vehicle bar is Number 1 o...
File: Select09-23-12
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Thanks for update - I never thought that this will be updated. But this update does more than make it usable it makes it even better. Nice new features, Swapping in battle is really good. great :banana:
File: Select09-01-12
MoP Update
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Seems like Mop broke this addon a bit. My makro for Mounts is still working but my Shaman Shield button Makro does not work anymore(Water and Lightning Shield). When I am clicking on it nothing happens. Is there any update planed?. I like this Addon :banana:
File: KeyBind02-15-12
Does this Addon supports Dual Spec?
Posted By: pas06
Does this Addon supports Dual Spec?
File: SaneLFG (fine tuning for the LFG window)08-28-09
nice addon i have searched for some...
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nice addon i have searched for something like this since the lfg frame was changed it was boring to klick thrue individues and groups thank you for this addon (sry my englisch is bad i came from germany)