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File: rClassBars04-07-14
rogue combo points?
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
I don't see Rogue Combo Points on the list, is it ever going to be added?
File: Assassin03-12-14
Any chance of getting something sim...
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
Any chance of getting something similar to claw and Assassin for other classes? primarily hunter since the only two high level toons I really play are a rogue and a hunter...
File: VuhDo11-14-12
ShotGlass Appearance?
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
Is there any way to make vuhdo look (graphically) like shotglass raid frames? I really like the way they look, but I don't want to have both it and vuhdo, since vuhdo is pretty much it's own raid frame system... so, any way to do that? Link Below::
File: Ion07-25-12
Instruction Manual?
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
is Ion close enough to macaroon that I can use the macaroon instruction manuals? Or will there need to be a whole new one written up? PS. if a whole new one needs to be written, eeh, can you make it done fast? I really LOVE ion ^.^
File: GatherNow02-15-12
Herbalism and Skinning?
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
well, if you don't plan on adding them, would it be possible for me to mod this for personal use to make those function? and if so, eeehhh, how would I do that?
File: Guild Bounty Hunter01-20-12
Custom Reps?
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
Okay, it says I can make 5 custom reps, however, there are already 5 included, and I can't find a way to delete the included reputations. how do i delete them, and add my own?
File: Guild Bounty Hunter01-05-12
How to use?
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
Okay, how does this thing work? You need to like, write an instruction manual for this thing.
File: ElvUI_ChatTweaks10-11-11
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
snce tukui and elvui are so similar could you possibly make it work with tuk as well?
File: Multishot (Screenshot)09-24-11
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
Okay, I love this addon, but I also love Scrapbook's watermark system, where when it hides ui, it shows a watermark stating level, character name, location et cetera. do you think you could include a watermark feature into this addon? If you could it'd be great!
File: Tattoo10-27-10
How does it work?
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
How does it work? I'm on my dk, who is frost thus dps, and i try to use it, but nothing happens, i want it to look like in the picture, how do i do that?
File: Angele Dei - tank rotation helper10-25-10
not accepting commands
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
This addon is not working no lua error, just not showing up, and when i try either /ad on, or /ad move it says that the command is not a real command, the addon shows up in my addons list so i know i installed it correctly, so i don't know what's wrong here.
File: Lore of War10-19-10
How do you use it?
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
Hi, i just installed this mod, and noticed two things, one, you misspelled interface in the toc, which makes it so that it says incompatible when on the addon selection screen, and two, i don't know how to use it. it has no in game gui, or anything as far as i can tell, so how do you use it?
File: LootWatch09-21-10
Bug Report
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
well, see, i'm on the ptr with this, and was hoping it would work? but it gives this error whenever i try to press enter on a /lw command Interface\AddOns\LootWatch\LootWatch.lua:504: attempt to index upvalue 'db' (a nil value) Count: 13 Call Stack: : ? Interface\AddOns\LootWatch\LootWatch.lua:504: in function `value' Interface\Fra...
File: kgPanels07-20-10
like in the screenshot?
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
I want my UI to look like the UI in the screenshot of KGPanels, anyone know how to accomplish this? any help is appreciated thank you.
File: nUI : InfoPanel [Whispers]07-04-10
oh, lol, 335 is just the patch numb...
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
oh, lol, 335 is just the patch number, 3.3.5 without the dots.
File: nUI : InfoPanel [Whispers]07-04-10
convo's and RealID whispers
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
does this work with 335 conversations and RealID whispers? i'm not sure @.@ sorry to bother.
File: Soulbound360 - xbox 360 controller addon (cataclysm)07-02-10
Try This
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
Originally posted by Saintvallen My hover icon doesn't appear after /s360 mine appeared but at first i couldn't find it, have you looked behind your right side action bars? that's where mine were, behind my action bars.
File: Soulbound360 - xbox 360 controller addon (cataclysm)07-01-10
morii drivers won't work?
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
when i double click the driver thingy for morii or whatever, nothing happens, so i uninstalled my original drivers and tried again, nada, reinstalled original drivers, still nada. so i just open pie thingy, with the morii driver version, just to test it see if it maybe DID do something, nada, so the only pie ones that will work right...
File: Ion06-28-10
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
hey, not sure if this has been answered before or not, but i'm trying to make a bar that only shows up when stealthed, so i go to bar editing, and check the stealth box, BUT this makes it so that it only shows when i'm NOT stealthed, so i'm confused, any suggestions?
File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)06-23-10
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
hi, i'm having a problem with this ui, nothing major just something wierd blocking my action bars? not sure what it is, or how to get rid of it, but here's a screenshot of my UI... by the way, there's a 7day limit on this picture, so please look and help quick thank you.
File: Duality04-07-10
carbonite and other stuff
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
hi, i use cabonite, and i've been trying to get this mod to work with it, so that my cabonite will be in a certain place but every time i log out and log back in, it goes back to a default location, see, i want it to be on the side where the map is, but it keeps going to the playable side. the same for the quest tracker for carbonite...
File: LayMacroTooltip12-09-09
older version works
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
okay, i switched to one of the older versions of LayMacro, and the errors completely went away, it works perfectly now. okay?
File: LayMacroTooltip12-05-09
Link to all LayMacroTooltip Errors i receive
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
This doc shows all the errors i receive in relation to this addon.
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons10-22-09
Re: x-perl & xub
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
oki, so, i fixed the no text issue, but i still can't get it to put buttons up? why? i use x-perl but that is supported no? i dunno, any help?
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-18-09
DK Runes?
Posted By: samhain_whitefox
i can't see my rune bar timer thingy with this? is it even supported? dunno, but i had to download a seperate addon for that. if you could include it that would be awesome ^^ thank you ^^