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File: ElvUI02-07-11
Class icon in raid frames.
Posted By: Ghiradelli
Is it possible to turn off the class icons in the party/raid frames? I find it a bit annoying since people with long names are overlapping into other people's boxes. I have been looking through the /ec several times now and I can't seem to find anything to turn it off, if there is even one.
File: ElvUI11-19-10
rep bar
Posted By: Ghiradelli
Is it possible to hid the rep bar under my unit frame, I have been looking through /tc for quite a while now but I can seem to find a option. I am getting use to seeing it but it still bothers me a little. I love this lightweight ui! I saw a screenshot of this ui a while back and I had no idea where it came from so I made my own w...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)10-14-10
Help please
Posted By: Ghiradelli
My target's target portrait keeps resetting back to its original location every second. When it turns its head it snaps back to the original position. It is sorta spazzing out but I am not sure what is causing it, I am not getting a bug report for it. LFG role icons are all tanks like some of those before me have metioned. How...
File: dNamePlates07-22-10
Originally posted by Dawn Ok, see...
Posted By: Ghiradelli
Originally posted by Dawn Ok, seems like I should mention, that those nameplates change the default colors, shouldn't I? :rolleyes: Neutral and friendly units stay yellow and green-ish, but those aren't default colors neither. Guess it wasn't obvious enough. I'll add that to the addons description and maybe add an option to the...
File: Raid icons07-19-10
Need help
Posted By: Ghiradelli
I can't seem to get it to work. I followed the instructions on from. creat a new folder put the .blp file in there...etc. Started WoW but the normal raid icons still appear.
File: dNamePlates07-19-10
Originally posted by Dawn What cl...
Posted By: Ghiradelli
Originally posted by Dawn What client are you running? Have you tried to disable all addons but dNamePlates? I need a little more information from your side, since It's working for me. :rolleyes: I am running the US client. I deleted my WTF folder as well as turned off all my addons. When I checked the box for Class Color i...
File: dNamePlates07-19-10
Class Color not in nameplate
Posted By: Ghiradelli
I am having the same problem with a lot of people here. I have class color in nameplate checked but they are still gray.
File: dNamePlates07-06-10
Setting it further.
Posted By: Ghiradelli
I fell in love with dnameplates and I hate the ones blizz have and bothers the heck out of me when I have to see the names of characters and the blue health bars further away. Is it possible to extend it further so the names and health of people further away will always be dnameplate'ed? I am sure that it is possible but I don't know...
File: FFXI Battle Music08-17-09
Well the obvious solution is to sto...
Posted By: Ghiradelli
Well the obvious solution is to stop raiding, pvping, and partying. LOL I kid.:banana: At least this addon works in solo pve and I trust that tehfailsafe will come up with something to remedy the grouped pve/pvp bugs.
File: FFXI Battle Music08-14-09
Re: Re: ummm....
Posted By: Ghiradelli
Originally posted by tehfailsafe Wow. Haven't updated this in over a year. Didn't think anyone still wanted it... Updated for 3.2, redownload and let me know if you're still having problems. Yup I tried it, it works. I don't know if anyone else have done it, you can actually use any song and rename it solo and replace the o...