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File: Hekili (Priority Helper, 8.0 BETA)05-13-18
Warlock support!
Posted By: Eeyore
Please add Warlock support. Especially Demonology; there are no rotation addons for that spec that work well, much less in BFA.
File: iipui05-11-18
Love it, thanks!
Posted By: Eeyore
Great UI. I've never used oUI before, and this is much cleaner, and better looking than others. Thanks!:)
File: ls: UI04-30-18
Please add party and raid frames!
Posted By: Eeyore
This interface is great, but the stock WoW raid/party frames look absolutely awful next to it. Any chance of adding them?
File: DiabolicUI (Goldpaw's Diablo UI)04-30-18
Possibility of 4K resolution sizes and textures?
Posted By: Eeyore
I love the look of the interface, but it's simply too large to be run in 4K, and covers too much screen. Can you add an option to scale it or simply make a 4k version?
File: Classy UI03-29-18
4k resolution support..
Posted By: Eeyore
Any chance you can add 4k support out of the box?
File: ls: UI03-07-18
Great UI thanks for making it! :-)
Posted By: Eeyore
Great UI thanks for making it! :-)
File: Zork UI02-12-18
Thank you!
Posted By: Eeyore
Love this UI. Thanks for making it. :-)
File: Hetsig UI10-09-17
Great UI :-)
Posted By: Eeyore
Hey, just wanted to thank you for a great UI. It looks awesome! :)
File: Ansi Ui10-05-17
Love Ansi UI!
Posted By: Eeyore
I've been trying different compilations for several months. Most seem like variations of ElVUI, and aren't very well thought out. Ansi UI however is great! It keeps enough of the familar WoW UI, but the artwork is much better, and the new font is icing on the cake. Very well done Ansi. :-)
File: SolvexxUI10-01-17
Errors and doesn't work.
Posted By: Eeyore
Once installed, all I get are lua errors, and end up with the stock ElvUI.
File: MayronUI Gen507-09-17
Shard glitch sticking out of left side of UI..
Posted By: Eeyore
For some reason the row that shows shards on my Destro-Lock is like 20 shards long and sticks out to the left of the UI. I tried reloading the UI and quitting and restarting WoW with the same results. It's a clean addon folder with only the addons in the UIpack installed and a fresh WTF folder as well.