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File: LUI v311-02-14
LUI Add-on manager not showing in LUI list...
Posted By: Zanier
A while back, something happened and now the add-on manager doesn't show up in the LUI options list anymore, I believe it used to be in between frames and color options, but now it's not there. I tried re-installing the add-on manager, but LUI is not picking up that it is installed. Any thoughts as to what else might be causing t...
File: AutoShoutOut10-29-10
Hey Cosmic! I would like to know your plans for Cata...
Posted By: Zanier
Any plan to update for Cata? I have been using ASO for a long time, and healz have gotten used to me using it in my guild, I set the trigger level very low, so if they get a warning from me, they know i'm in Dire Straights, lolz! Just would like to say that I really like this, and hope you'll continue into the foreseeable future! :...
File: Guild Professions10-23-10
Posted By: Zanier
This is something Blizz should have included themselves! Excellent work! Definitely a Must-Have! :banana:
File: Orb Unit Frames10-23-10
Maul, I think this would be great for warlocks!
Posted By: Zanier
I have been running ForteX since the patch, since NecrosisLDC isn't tready yet, and I came across your add-on long time ago, when I was searching for a 'Lock specific UI, and thought this has such a cool, "Locky" look to it that I am eager to see how it does since the patch. I mostly play my 'Lock, so as you can guess, I have a lot...
File: Necrosis LdC10-14-10
Necrosis update,
Posted By: Zanier
I just saw on curse.com that necrosis is being updated for 4.01 and Cata, so we can all breathe now, lolz!: banana:
File: Yatlas09-10-10
Cataclysm & Yatlas...
Posted By: Zanier
Any plans to keep it up to date for Cata? I would be lost without it, and the terrain is changing so much, we surely will need it! :D
File: PlayerScore / GearScore07-19-09
Re: Re: Opening GearScore
Posted By: Zanier
Originally posted by Mirrikat45 Dear Zanier, I'm still programing the GUI. It will be release in 3.0. I should have an open beta available within 2 weeks. Sorry for the confusion. And thanks for comments and for using my mod. Thanks extremely much for the quick reply! This is an awesome add-on, and if you use paypal, i'd like t...
File: PlayerScore / GearScore07-18-09
Opening GearScore
Posted By: Zanier
I am running carbonite and the usual add-ons, like auc-advanced and atlas, atlasloot, echantrix, gatherer, and some others, and can't seem to get GS to open, I type /gs into chat window, and I get the list of commands. I do see my GS in lower left of char screen, and see other players GS on mouseover, but no actual UI... any thoughts...
File: Yatlas04-11-09
I love this Add-on when used with Carbonite Full!
Posted By: Zanier
It is such a pleasure to use when helping lower members of our guild navigate the winding paths to the altar of Jintha'Alor to enchant the Mallet of Zul'Farak! The first time I got this was when I myself was trying to get to the altar there and kept dying! Ever since, it has sped up my leveling and questing greatly! :banana: