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File: oUF_WTF09-29-09
To conclude my post below, firs...
Posted By: Az4reus
To conclude my post below, first, on your Question if its wether good oder bad, imho, they're creative, but, the standard blizz-texture ruins the Raidframes. If you take a flat texture, and set a 1-2px Border around it, it'll look more... professional. Second, the data is too much squeezed, making it impossible, to get quickl...
File: oUF_WTF09-28-09
Dainton pretty much said it, that...
Posted By: Az4reus
Dainton pretty much said it, that frames make me sayin "WTF" :D
File: InviteMe04-13-09
More then one Keyword
Posted By: Az4reus
Is it possible to set more then one keyword for atuo-inviting? Because most people writing "inv", but a few also write "invite". But i like to invite both... whatever :D