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File: QuestHelper01-13-09
Re: Suggestions
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I am *weaving code into bolts of awesome* This is truly an awesome change. I love bolts of awesome in my software. Keep up the good work.
File: TotemTimers10-23-08
Originally posted by Xianghar @...
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Originally posted by Xianghar @gariig: To save a totem set, you don't have to cast the totems you want but you have to set these to the timer buttons by rightclicking them in the totem menus, so that they are displayed as a mini icon in the lower right corner of the totem buttons. Then rightlicking the ankh timer should save them...
File: TotemTimers10-21-08
I hate to write such a vague bug re...
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I hate to write such a vague bug report, but I can't get the totem sets to work. I drop the 4 totems I want and left click the ankh timer. When I go to right click the ankh timer nothing pops out like it used too. Plus the TT macro just has a cast sequence call with no totems in it. Any thing I can do to fix what I am doing or...
File: MaterialsTracker12-12-06
Doesn't appear the bank scanning wo...
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Doesn't appear the bank scanning works with vBagnon. Other then that excellent addon EDIT: It was SAnity2 not working correctly.