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File: RealUI11-28-11
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WHEW!! In all seriousness, Nibelheim, thanks for making the best UI I think I've ever seen for any game, period. I've been playing WoW since release, and am known among my friends as "The Addon Junkie". Ever since I found RealUI, I don't even bother installing other addons any more (except Opie, cause Opie ROCKS). RealUI gives me...
File: RealUI10-03-11
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Installing it now! Can't wait to try out the new version.
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Originally posted by Nibelheim Wi...
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Originally posted by Nibelheim Wish I could fix up #1, but SBF filtering is very buggy, and filtering out specific debuffs on a whitelist frame simply causes filtering to not work altogether. I've been looking into some different nameplate addons, so will hopefully have something ready for 0.6.8, that will include DoT tracking :...
File: RealUI12-30-10
In short: LOVE the new pitch HUD de...
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In short: LOVE the new pitch HUD design. SO. Freakin. AWESOME! :banana:
File: RealUI12-13-10
Thanks for making this awesome UI....
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Thanks for making this awesome UI. I've been an addon junkie since the original decursive, and this just has such a sweet simplicity to it. I have (of course) added my own additions mostly on the non-visible end (Opie, Skillet, Altoholic), but the layout itself is a real thing of beauty. That said, I'm unused to Grid since I have...