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File: Quecho08-29-12
Not working with 5.0.4
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Users beware. Not currently working with 5.0.4. Symptoms include a LUA error and a non-functioning Objective tracking frame. A defect report exists in GitHub.
File: Aloft04-02-10
Originally posted by acapela yeah...
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Originally posted by acapela yeah, this error is "known". should be fixed soon (though i still have never seen it happen to me :)). thanks for the report. I don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but it seems to only occur when you have a very large number of mobs on the screen. When it occurs, sometimes one of the nameplate bar...
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Originally posted by Kappalol Cur...
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Originally posted by Kappalol Currently having an issue where castbars "skip" around on enemy players. As in, the cast bar doesnt fluidly move from start to finish it jumps from lets say 10% > 90% > 20% > 50% > 100% Author has stated that as a known issue. No ETA on fix.
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Thanks a lot!
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Thank you so much for your hard work on this addon! I'd like to donate, but PayPal says that your account can not receive money.