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File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)05-14-08
Bank swap with Baggins
Posted By: GraemeF
Bank swapping didn't work at all for me because I have Baggins set to hide the normal bank window. Once I disabled that option in Baggins it started working fine for all bank bags.
File: PartyToGo12-05-07
PartyToGo up-to-date?
Posted By: GraemeF
Hi there - is this being maintained? I notice that there are some relevant-looking changes in FuBar_QuestsFu that aren't in PartyToGo, even in subversion.
File: Cartographer10-30-07
Posted By: GraemeF
Originally posted by Kosec Yup I didn't too... Anybody knows how to download it from there? Your best bet is to use WowAceUpdater - it'll automagically update all of your Ace addons, including Cartographer.