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File: ZMobDB Advanced610-27-10
about CC Eye Catch
Posted By: catnick
How do u get the cc 's to show? Thanks Kathy
File: ZMobDB Advanced610-25-10
Re: sorry for errors
Posted By: catnick
Originally posted by Dant um... I have to re-check infomations. plz give me more times Take ur time would love for this to work agen Kathy
File: ZMobDB Advanced610-24-10
Same here
Posted By: catnick
nothing showing up and about 50 separate error's If u have a e-mail i could send them via bug sack Kathy
File: SimpleHUD10-24-10
and the text comant is working only...
Posted By: catnick
and the text comant is working only some of them. + this 1x SimpleHUD-1.6\SimpleHUD.lua:673: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) SimpleHUD-1.6\SimpleHUD.lua:913: in function `SimpleHUD_PrepData' SimpleHUD-1.6\SimpleHUD.lua:407: in function `SimpleHUD_ForceRedraw' SimpleHUD-1.6\SimpleHUD.lua:411: in function `SimpleHUD_For...
File: sLocation10-22-10
not able to move it
Posted By: catnick
Went in the lua file and change the x y position but it wont move in game at all also cant re size it am i missing something ? Kathy
File: MicroHUD10-19-10
Nice and simple i like lol
Posted By: catnick
any way on how to make the frames to just show in combat? Thanks Kathy
File: gBanker09-05-10
for sending Mail?
Posted By: catnick
Will it work to sending mail to ur other toon's ? I ones found a add on where u could send different mats to a toon who needed them for his/her professions. but for the live of me i cant find it agen. Would be nice to find one like that agen or mabye some one know one like that? thanks catnick
File: oUF_Hank09-02-10
How to Moving target name....
Posted By: catnick
LOVE THE UI ITS GREAT!!!! I was wondering if there is a possibility to move /center the targets name above the health number and the health / mana numbers under the big health number ? Hope this makes sense. Thanks for ur time Kathy