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File: GMOTDFact03-19-09
I'm working to find a fix so it onl...
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I'm working to find a fix so it only changes once per guild you're in. Make a saved variable for the server and then create something that the addon reads each time you log in like: As String March19/09 T then use a subscript command to read the date and the final character (T = True or F= False) then creat...
File: GuildWarner01-28-09
Great Idea
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I have thought about this one for a while, im glad someone made it. One thing that i would like to suggest is. Instead of editing the .lua and then redistributing it. I suggest that you make a small GUI that allows GMs (Also considered Rank 0 or 1 i think)(Grayed out if not GM) to send an updated list to the guild via the guild addon...
File: Shieldmonitor10-29-08
I have a Herbalist Warlock, once im...
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I have a Herbalist Warlock, once im home i will look into what sheild comes first and post it here or send you a PM
File: Behaviors07-28-08
Simply Amazing
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This is an awsome mod, and it came along at just the right time. Im just trying to learn lua coding in WoW and between this mod and the "WoWlua" mod (in the dev catagory) should make experimenting with the code much easyer. Great Work!
File: Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses07-28-08
Im definatly..... changing the name...
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Im definatly..... changing the name..... now, now, hear me out.. Change the name and install it on a few friends computers :eek::banana::eek:
File: Toons-v204-21-08
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Could you add the ability for this mod to sync basic info (level, name, Profs, Guild, Rank, Played time, Perhaps Gold Amount? ) with an option of (Guild/Friends/None). Thanks for your consideration
File: QBar04-16-08
Also /qbar row Sets the number...
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Also /qbar row Sets the number of rows/collums <-bad spelling
File: QBar04-09-08
Just my 2 cents.. GREAT addon, this...
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Just my 2 cents.. GREAT addon, this is staying with me. One thing though could you make a slight change to it :), My suggestion make a (bindable) keybinding for the bar but make it only use the Highlighted item. then make it so the user can highlight a particlular button by rightclicking on the item or something (doesnt have to save...
File: HighRoller03-31-08
I have seen alot of addons out ther...
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I have seen alot of addons out there but NONE so great as this, if i had to lose every addon but one i would choose this. The loot is just so awsome... and just so easy to get!!
File: Toons-v203-29-08
Haha, dont worrie about it, i love...
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Haha, dont worrie about it, i love this addon, its a favorite and i only had it for a day :D. i dont mind trouble shooting it. Hey bug reports and fixes are just another step in development. Keep it up :D
File: Toons-v203-29-08
Haha its no problem man, its all ab...
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Haha its no problem man, its all about trail and error and beta testing, great job and i like the addon :D EDIT: New error for people that dont have "myAddons" Nil Value in Toons.lua at Line 270 ("myAddonsFrame_Register")
File: Toons-v203-28-08
I Downloaded and installed this add...
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I Downloaded and installed this addon, I think it is a great idea... if it worked haha. Ok ERROR time.. It says that in the "Toon.lua" there is a "Nil Value" at "line 743" Great idea though i must say
File: System Message Control Tool11-28-07
Thanks so much, i can finnaly sort...
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Thanks so much, i can finnaly sort my messages into the correct windows again :)
File: OnTarget10-03-07
I dont understand this addon, I can...
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I dont understand this addon, I cant make it work or something. After installing this and setting up keybinds in the game, I was curious as to the functionality of this addon i assumed that you can change the target of the spell your trying to cast at that point, so i went and gave it a shot. *begins casting frostbolt on the taget th...
File: Tungsten: Carbide09-30-07
Hey Maul, where can i get my hands...
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Hey Maul, where can i get my hands on the other parts of Trinity? I noticed that there are other addons like Minimap, Infobar ect. I cant seem to find a place to get them so i cant give them a test.
File: MyInventory09-28-07
An Update Please
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Hey, Darklin so you think that you could please update this addon, the problem is that when you move an item the image doesnt move until you close and open the bag. Thanks
File: FocusFrame08-28-07
Great addon!! I was just wondering...
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Great addon!! I was just wondering if there would be any way to add support for SimpleUnitFrames or what im really after is to have the little class icon added like it is on the regular target frame..
File: MetaMap02-11-07
High Res World
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MetaHawk, I love Metamap. Great Work. Im just wondering it it is possable to get a high reselution map (Like, http://wow-en.curse-gaming.com/files/details/3039/yatlas/ )