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File: SLDataText07-07-10
Posted By: Anandre
For what it's worth, I'd love if those modules stuck around. I do use a minimap mod, but I disable its location/co-ordinates and use SLDT's because it's so much easier to set up and keep the same as the rest of my text.
File: Bartender406-15-10
Reputation Bar
Posted By: Anandre
It's been posted on the WoWAce deveolopment forum, but I don't know how often the tickets there are checked, so I figured I'd cross-post (plus, people tend to have homebrew solutions on these boards). The reputation and stance bars show up whenever I change specs or port somewhere, and it's the Blizzard bars that are showing up....
File: SLDataText05-31-10
SLDT Experience
Posted By: Anandre
Hey Gimbli, I love SLDT and have been using it for quite some time now. I recently found the experience module for it, installed it, and loved it as a simple way to keep track of my XP that matches the rest of my data. It's great to hear that you're going back to work on SLDT, but I was wondering if you could show some love to S...