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File: RicoMiniMap02-02-07
Posted By: slymm
According to the latest patch, Map related frames are dragable as well as the minimap. So far I'm able to move the Quest list 'with' the map, but I have yet been unable to move the Quest list by itself. Was I wrong in thinking that I should be able to move the quest frame by itself?
File: Bongos201-16-07
Map Section
Posted By: slymm
After doing a full reinstall of WoW and a new install of TBC, I have been unable to move my map with Bongos. The only mods I know of that I have that affect the map are MoveAnything (which I disabled) and RicoMiniMap. Prior to today's reinstall, I was able to run Rico, MA and Bongos just fine and used Bongos for moving adjusting my...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-07-07
Posted By: slymm
@slymm Read the first line under where it says 'PATCHES' on this page Okay, call me blind. I must have looked over your Patches section half a dozen times and missed that line each time. Thanks.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-06-07
Pet Frame
Posted By: slymm
Is anyone else having a problem dismissing warlock (and maybe hunter?) pets? While I have not tried it on my computer, my wife always gets a "X-Perl Pets is trying to perform an action reserved for World of Warcraft. Would you like to disable X-Perl Pets?" I just updated her X-Perl to the latest version and still get the same error.
File: FuBar - QuestsFu12-17-06
Party Bug
Posted By: slymm
My wife and I ran into an interesting bug with QuestFu. We found out that if we are both on the same quest, whenever one of us loots a quest item, the other gets kicked off the server. This only occurs when using QuestFu and when the quest includes collecting items from mobs.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-17-06
Party Leader
Posted By: slymm
If anyone other than me is the party leader, I do not get an crown icon to indicate who the leader is. Just thought I'd bring it up. Great work on these frame mods
File: Bongos212-10-06
Bongos - Hunter
Posted By: slymm
Is there any thought to re-implementing scripting for the hunter melee/ranged bar swap? Or am I getting Bongos mixed up with something else (can't see how since I've been using bongos for... uh.. ever)? Or is there something with 2.0 that makes this harder to do than before? It's a great bar mod and easy on my system. Keep up t...
File: Fishing Buddy07-09-06
Fixed (I think)
Posted By: slymm
If you're getting the fishinglocations.lua error about line 291, there is a very easy fix for this. Open up the file FishingLocations.lua in the FishingBuddy folder. Go to line 291 and delete this line. While I'm not familiar to .lua or .xml code, I am familiar with debugging LPC and this line is a repeat from line 289 and doesn't...
File: FuBar 3.6.506-29-06
Posted By: slymm
Does anyone know what they changed with today's 1.11.1 patch that killed FuBar? Is it an issue with FuBar or with Ace? Great Mod by the way.