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File: Ion: Menu Bar04-19-09
Re: Re: Is it just me...
Posted By: MBMak
Originally posted by Maul Did you try moving the menu bar around to see if perhaps there is an invisible frame over it? I use mine all the time without issue :) Maul, I did try moving the menu bar and there isn't anything behind it. I don't really want to delete everything and start over but I'm thinking I may have to re-downlo...
File: Ion: Menu Bar04-15-09
Is it just me...
Posted By: MBMak
I have had no issues (thus far at least) with Macaroon or any of the Extras except I can't click on the Game Menu button. It does absolutely nothing. I have read below that a few have had issues opening their bags. Any idea what it could be? Thanks and Maul, this addon rocks my socks! Makes multiboxing SO much easier! - Mak