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File: FuBar - CombatInfoFu (updated)01-03-07
It dosn't refresh when i change items
Posted By: Lazlo Daggerdale
Hi i don't know if it my addons that are messing this one up but if I "Detach Tooltip" to see the changes swaping an item dose for me, it wont show any change untill I close and reopen it. This make it hard to see any changes the new item I equiped made. I looked for some kind of refresh rate for the tooltip but can't seem to find...
File: DoTimer11-14-06
Targeting old target
Posted By: Lazlo Daggerdale
Hey thumbs up to you great addon was looking for this sort of timer. Play around with it and discovered that if I target 2 or more target and try to mouse click the targets name to retarget it to refresh a curse that has expired or is about to expire. It say target is dead even if the target is not and wont let me curse it until I...
File: TradeSkillInfo10-23-06
First off Awsome ! I was realy loo...
Posted By: Lazlo Daggerdale
First off Awsome ! I was realy looking for and addons that show me the Mats needed to creat something in other trades without having to bug everyone. I use EnchantMe to see the mats I need to enchant something and if I have them Then I try to find an Enchanter ;-) ;-) that all for now keep up the great work
File: Auditor10-09-06
Same here can't move position
Posted By: Lazlo Daggerdale
I have same problem can't move the position Great !! nice to see the accountant in Fubar ;-)