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File: The Ultimate Shaman UI 5.0.5 - 1920 x 1080 [16:9-WIDE]09-22-09
Nice UI
Posted By: groove1
Really like this UI, I guess playing an enh shaman. Only problem i have atm is the cast bars. They do not show up for me. Was wondering where i can locate them?
File: Jasje_UI [1680x1050] Final.08-23-09
player potraits
Posted By: groove1
Still loving this UI, I just wonder if its too much to ask on how to get the player portraits to show up? Much <3
File: Jasje_UI [1680x1050] Final.08-08-09
New Shaman toolbar
Posted By: groove1
It is stuck right in the middle of my screen. Is there a way to move this? Oh and im liking your UI, very nice.