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File: Tidy Plates04-19-10
Not sure how to describe this, but...
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Not sure how to describe this, but plate stacking? Basically in an older version when there were a lot of mobs/players the plates would kinda stack together behind each other in a group In a newer version the plates all seem to display w/o overlapping. While I can see the advantage of this for target selecting I kinda like the...
File: Power Auras Classic04-15-10
Originally posted by Shrike81 Pow...
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Originally posted by Shrike81 Power Auras not working for anybody today? stopped working for me too
File: DR Tracker05-18-08
/drt and /drtracker dont work for m...
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/drt and /drtracker dont work for me either addon shows in the list, addon shows as being checked perhaps a conflict?