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File: DecUI07-01-15
Re: Re: Need information
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i really like this UI but something i dont. when i'm going to talk a pnj i take all quest but i dont want this, how can i remove this automatically quest Disable Monomyth. Or instead of disabling it just mark the option to only auto accept on shift click. I recommend this because there are quite a few times in game the auto acc...
File: Factionizer09-10-12
Posted By: dragonsjewl
Will you be renewing this on curse as well, I hope? I'm sure there are quite a few peeps waiting for this update there. Like Kzk I just happened to look at the comments today to find out what was up and found the link. If not that's all right I'll keep using it for sure. It's just Curse is soooo much more convenient lol. Anyways no m...
File: nUI_Art_InvisibleMan03-09-11
Love this skin.
Posted By: dragonsjewl
Thanks so much for making this. It's made life on my laptop so much better as it is a small screen. It didn't matter if i used Blizz or nUI, it was cluttered. Of course I use nUI. Though the same space is taken, this gives the illusion of more open space and make it really nice. I highly recommend to those with smaller screens that l...