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File: Elementarist06-28-15
Taracque, Any chance you will ma...
Posted By: Uhellig
Taracque, Any chance you will make a version for Enhancement? Thanks for the work you have done, Uhellig
File: UI-tat06-21-14
Posted By: Uhellig
Welcome back from your hiatus! I hope all is well with you?
File: UI-tat08-04-13
Heia Deran, Here's to hoping eve...
Posted By: Uhellig
Heia Deran, Here's to hoping everything's still okay with you and you the UI is coming along. Have a great weekend (what's left of it!).
File: UI-tat05-31-13
When can we expect an update? we...
Posted By: Uhellig
When can we expect an update? well i will update this again this weekend, then you will start seeing me push out an early alpha of the new addon, called Project Deranjata Uh what happened to that update :D Still working on it, im having a small issue with 2 addons that im trying to code arround, ill post that update asap,...
File: UI-tat12-02-12
Re: Im so Very Sorry
Posted By: Uhellig
Deran, I'm truly sorry to see you go, not just for the loss of your great UI but also the time you put in for taking over for Arkive. I hope your leaving has more to do with an increase in your workload than loss of health or job! I wish you the best and hope you are able to return to us if you wish to. - Grae AKA: Uhel...
File: UI-tat10-27-12
Time to Deranjata completion?
Posted By: Uhellig
Hei Deran, I was about to D/L the current ui-tat when I decided to check the comments. Any release estimate for your newest UI? I'd rather not download tat if Deranjata is close to release! ;-)
File: Auctioneer12-08-11
Auctioneer broken?
Posted By: Uhellig
Okay, disregard! I D/L'd the Beta and it works perfectly! Apparently a small bug with 5.12? Anyway, I am SOOOO glad to have it back and healthy!!! Woo-hooo!!! ________________________________________________ Like Eielana, I'm having problems with Auctioneer! I installed it like I have every other time but when I log in and...
File: GrimUI10-13-10
Forgive my tone but I'm about fed u...
Posted By: Uhellig
Forgive my tone but I'm about fed up with updating UI's, so I thought I'd take a look at this one buuuuuuut......tell me how in the hell does one replace an AddOn folder with this one when this one has absolutely no such thing? All this has is the following folders which means nothing to me: GrimUI40100 --!BugGrabber --GrimUI...
File: HealBot Continued07-04-10
HB and Ahune
Posted By: Uhellig
I"m having a very serious issue where Healbot will superimpose a raid member under my name so that he cannot be healed. This has only happened to me in the Ahune Instance, so far. Anyone else have this problem? It's making me very skittish about this add-on and it hasn't occurred until this latest revision.