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File: Rufio UI Classic02-09-15
Sorry for the late update guys. I...
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Sorry for the late update guys. I'm still not satisfied with it (Nameplates, GarrisonMinimapbutton etc.) but i'll try my best to share it with you. OH MAN! Just saw that you have updated this, I've been waiting for this for so long, you have no idea, sorry I'm late since the release of this! Looking forward to the final product! :...
File: Rufio UI Classic07-03-11
Any plans on updating? :O
Posted By: Str0be
Any plans on updating? :O
File: Rufio UI Classic06-13-11
Just need rFilters for warrior! :P
Posted By: Str0be
Just need rFilters for warrior! :P
File: Duffed UI v503-26-11
Posted By: Str0be
How exactly do I move my castbar up? I have CooLine enabled and it overlaps it and I was trying to get it flush with my CooLine :(
File: Dajova's UI (Tukui)03-25-11
Posted By: Str0be
In your ui all the borders around everything are black and such, but doing a fresh install, I have greyish borders on everything, any way to flip it to black like the screenshots?
File: Rufio UI Classic12-21-10
Need a fix for warrior, just like t...
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Need a fix for warrior, just like the other classes! I noticed shaman is a little out of wack too! just the rFilter3 is what I'm lookin for, positions are out of wack :/
File: Rufio UI Classic11-09-10
Posted By: Str0be
Can't.....get......out...of....vehicles... halp! :P
File: Rufio UI Classic11-07-10
I have noticed that as a mage with...
Posted By: Str0be
I have noticed that as a mage with the extra bar, the loot frames go underneath the bar, can't click some of them! Maybe they go at the top or off to the side or something, not trying to burden you. Favorite ui once again still :P, oh hey! You should put hoverbind back in! :P
File: Rufio UI Classic11-06-10
Same, shows a black bar for me and...
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Same, shows a black bar for me and it sits there till you reload! :( Originally posted by jessica HI, first of all let me tell you that I love this addons/UI very much, there is a problem with focus target/fliger whenever I try to root the focused target, I get this lau error msg. now I checked fliger and I see that its the o...
File: Rufio UI Classic10-22-10
Any plans on updating the "Full" Pa...
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Any plans on updating the "Full" Part yet? I miss filger procs, using EventAlert for now :(
File: EventAlert10-21-10
The main options come up, but after...
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The main options come up, but after clicking Icon Position Options, nothing happens, other ones won't show either with a fresh install. Edit: Failed, had it at the bottom right, so I couldn't see it, Owned.
File: Rufio UI Classic10-21-10
Posted By: Str0be
Today, Rufio has made my day a little bit happier. +1!
File: Duffed UI v508-25-10
Okay, my focus cast bar is so frigg...
Posted By: Str0be
Okay, my focus cast bar is so friggin small and dark, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to change it. Already went into ThekCastbar and tried to change it, but it never changes so far, changed width, the scale, turned it to true, tried all variations and it's still the same... Edit: Fixed the height, just need to find...
File: spf Ui05-09-10
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Is it possible to update this with the new DBM and maybe add time to debuffs for pvp, Debuffs rolling down on PARTY members only so I can see their debuffs
File: Duffed UI v512-14-09
Yup, Translated Filger for every cl...
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Yup, Translated Filger for every class in english. Originally posted by hank Hey. Thanks for ur comments. U mean Filger? How i describe it in the info.txt? Does it works? cant test it What except Filger do u mean? hank
File: Duffed UI v512-13-09
Good job.
Posted By: Str0be
You've made a great UI and we thank you for sharing this. You also picked a great place to host it. I have also translated all of it to English manually. :P
File: Afflicted309-24-09
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So I've just installed Afflicted, and there are no spell ID's what so ever.. Any help would be awesome. I've tried delete all afflicted associated lua's and such, deleted the addon folder, and installing again but to no avail. Scratch this... Downloaded the Afflicted2 from the archives after removing everything, and then install...