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File: Altoholic01-10-15
Re: Re: Account sharing is broken!
Posted By: justarb
I love Alcoholic Hips ! :p I have jusht uploadedsh ze latesht version, anz it should fixch dish bug ! Sorry couldn't resist :) Damn you auto-correct!!! ;^) Anywho, my alcoholic or altoholic tendencies aside, it all works like a charm now. Thanksh sho mush! :banana:
File: Altoholic01-05-15
Account sharing is broken!
Posted By: justarb
I love Alcoholic, I really do, but since WoD I haven't been able to get account sharing to work. Every time I try to share I get and error message saying that "Both parties must enable account sharing before using this feature (see options)". I have enabled account sharing on both accounts, I have chosen which items to share (everyth...
File: Altoholic02-04-12
Confirmed, void storage is implemen...
Posted By: justarb
Confirmed, void storage is implemented in datastore & appears in the tooltip. It just does not have a UI yet. Is it possible to search for items in vid storage yet? :p