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File: ColdUI07-12-11
Alysrazor energy
Posted By: jc1993
Just had an error while fighting Alysrazor. Something about it's energy type. Only happens when I target it, and everytime I target it. I am a Death Knight and we are running it in 25 man. Message: Interface\AddOns\oUF_Coldkil\core.lua:232: attempt to index local 'color' (a nil value) Time: 07/12/11 20:57:43 Count: 2 Stack:...
File: UbRUI (1920x1080)02-16-11
Regarding raid frames
Posted By: jc1993
Testing shows that I had left 2 types of raid frames active, please disable stuf's raid frames until I get around to updating the package.
File: UbRUI (1920x1080)02-15-11
Posted By: jc1993
Think i got everyone, please tell me if I missed someone, and the addon with which he/she is responsible for.