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File: oGlow10-19-10
Apologies if oGlow already does thi...
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Apologies if oGlow already does this (I'm in the middle of replacing FizzleInventory and the EU servers are down), but does oGlow support glyphs? If not, is there any chance you could border glyphs so that minor glyphs are shown as green, major as blue and prime as rare?
File: Gatherer06-16-09
Re: Re: Fish Nodes
Posted By: Immoliate
Originally posted by Nechckn FuxieDK, We do not include them, since, unlike the other nodes that can be found basically anywhere on the map, they are always along the shore. If you need to see the pools, recommend using something like Notes-U-Need to mark them. Happy Gatherering, Nikk :cool: In my experience sc...
File: FizzleInventory06-02-09
Is there a way to make this work fo...
Posted By: Immoliate
Is there a way to make this work for items found on merchants? Or is there a mod out there that does this already? Love this mod btw. Keep up the good work :)
File: Recipe Book10-29-08
Mounts and Companions
Posted By: Immoliate
This is going to seem like a really odd new feature request but I hope it makes sense. At the moment I know which characters know which recipes / patterns / schematics they know thanks to mods like RecipeBook and CraftList2. The problem is that there's currently no way to get the same info for companions and mounts across all of m...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu04-29-07
Any chance you could make the quest...
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Any chance you could make the quest level texts more like those in fizzwidget's levelator so that group quests with a recommended number of players appear e.g. for a lv63 quest that requires 3 players? Would it also be possible to add a setting for controlling how transparent the quest tracker text is? Finally, I'm having majo...
File: PartySpotter01-23-07
hide map key via slash command?
Posted By: Immoliate
Hiding the key via a keybinding is handy, but is there any chance of adding /pspot showkey on|off ? Great mod - keep up the good work :)
File: FuBar - PerformanceFu01-12-07
Re: working with 2.0.3?
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Originally posted by lightnin hi folks, anyone got this working with the latest patch 2.0.3? It seems that a fair few FuBar plugins are flagged as Load On Demand. For some reason, even when they were enabled in the last gaming session they refuse to load automatically under WoW 2.0.3. Hopefully FuBar can be fixed to cure the...
File: ShardAce10-18-06
Soulstone reporting bug
Posted By: Immoliate
I regularly raid with several players who use this mod. However, we've noticed that sometimes (more often that not) if several warlocks are in the process of soulstoning targets shardace users tend mis-report their targets. Eg. Lets say we have two players: ShardTrackerUser and ShardAceUser. ShardTrackerUser targets PlayerA and a...
File: FuBar 3.6.510-10-06
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I'm currently considering moving from Titan Panel 2 to FuBar 2. I'm hoping to reduce mod memory usage, load times and disk space used. However, on downloading FuBar and several plug-ins one thing struck me as odd: Every plug-in contains a libs folder, with much of the content being identical to that in the main FuBar distribution....