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File: Shield Maid10-27-12
Hiding when not in Prot spec
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Any chance you could hide the frame when in arms/fury spec. Also how about changing the strata to be lower so it doesn't show above windows like your character window.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends08-28-12
No Folder
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Any chance you could put all the files back in a Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends folder so we can simply extract the zip file in to the addon's directory?
File: Tidy Plates Beta01-01-12
Not sure if it's bug to the way you...
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Not sure if it's bug to the way you intended things to work, but I noticed that the "Show Class Color for Party/Raid Members" doesn't do anything unless you have the text set to "By Class". Any chance this option could work regardless of what the text coloring option is set to, I like my friendly text set to "By Reaction" but love...
File: Tidy Plates11-02-11
Originally posted by danltiger I...
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Originally posted by danltiger I think I've got it fixed. It appears that the process responsible for tracking the classes of group members was getting turned off when the debuff widget was not being used. This has been corrected in 6.4.7 Thanks everything looks good, and I do have the debuff widget off.
File: Tidy Plates10-27-11
I am still have problems with color...
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I am still have problems with coloring party/raid members by class when using Text Only for friendly nameplates, I set the options and it doesn't update, but if I reload the UI I get class colors but next zone change they go all go back to blue.
File: Tidy Plates10-26-11
Thanks for the quick update, lookin...
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Thanks for the quick update, looking much better now.
File: Tidy Plates10-26-11
I changed like 286 of TankPanel.lua...
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I changed like 286 of TankPanel.lua to: function frame:GetValue() return EditBox:GetText() end Just like the DPS one, I no longer get the error but the settings don't seem to keep, for example I set Show Class Colors for Party Members, names change to colors but after doing things like zoning in the colors go away. Not sure if i...
File: Raven01-07-11
Re: Re: Re: Re: Performance
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Originally posted by Tojaso What class do you play in raids? I am wondering in particular if you play a rogue since that might point toward inefficiencies in how weapon buffs are handled. There is poor support for detecting these using the Blizzard interface and with three slots now capable of having weapon buffs it is possible tha...
File: Raven01-06-11
Re: Re: Performance
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Originally posted by Tojaso Raven is usually near the top of CPU usage for my addons also. Over time I have reduced its CPU (and memory) usage quite a bit (about every month or so I turn on profiling and try to identify opportunities for improvement). Currently, custom bar groups and large numbers of notifications seem to drive the...
File: Raven01-05-11
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Have you done any profiling of Raven, using Interface Usage I am seeing high CPU usage for Raven. The only reason I looked at CPU usage was because in raids I am getting choppy video if I use Raven. Overall my frame rates are good but the video freezes for split sec every sec or so. My setup has icons for all buffs, bars for all...
File: Raven01-01-11
Re: Re: Errors
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Originally posted by Tojaso The line numbers for LibButtonFacade-1.0 included in the error report do not match the current release of ButtonFacade. I wonder if you have an out-of-date version of ButtonFacade? It is possible, of course, that you have the current version of ButtonFacade and the error report is not correctly encoding...
File: Raven12-31-10
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Great addon, I have been trying find a replacement for SBF and Raven does everything it did and more. I did find a couple problem: 1. If ButtonFacade is installed creating the a bar causes a major error and nothing appears. I included the error below, this error happens even if the "Use ButtonFacade" option is not checked, to...
File: EventHorizon Continued11-13-09
Minor bug, in EventHorizon_Warrior....
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Minor bug, in EventHorizon_Warrior.toc it's missing "myconfig.lua" like all the other classes have. Thanks for all the great work.
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition10-29-09
Re: Re: Decay
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Originally posted by Cruciformer To be honest I am a bit in two minds about decay.... Thanks for the update about decay, I know it isn't easy it just sounded so nice. People seem to get upset when they get demoted from the "raider" level but maybe it is because we don't do it very often, but I do agree rank based is probably a...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition10-26-09
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While your changing some the internals around, what are you plans for the decay feature? Are you thinking of a manual thing (Decay now button) or something more automatic (every X days if the player hasn't raid in Y days). Is the only option for decay to move down a spot?
File: AzCastBar10-13-09
Facktotum You could go to line 115...
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Facktotum You could go to line 115 in "acb_CastBar\core.lua" and add a new evaluation to the if-then, checking for what spell is being cast, the variable "spell" has the name of the current spell. Here's an example: if (not startTime) or (spell == "Surge of Darkness") then Even better than a filter, any way you could add in...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition09-01-09
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Now that loot can be traded for up to 2 hours every once in a while people decide they want to give the loot to someone else, any chance you could add something to help in this case. I was thinking an undo type thing, but really all that is needed is to save the last position the person was at and show that number in the tooltip or...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames07-04-09
Originally posted by Shadowed The...
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Originally posted by Shadowed The clipping issue is due to the bar width, I'll get it fixed but for the time being if you add or remove one or two pixels from the width it will fix itself. Thanks for the quick reply, sure enough changing the width from 210 to 211 fixed it.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames07-04-09
Originally posted by nanovivid In...
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Originally posted by nanovivid In all my unit frames, the bars are running into the right edge of the frame instead of having a border. I have noticed the same thing, I think it started happening a few releases ago, like 2 weeks. Something that might help if you set clip=0 the bars sometimes seem to draw one pixel outside the b...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames07-03-09
Originally posted by vince Postin...
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Originally posted by vince Posting a feature request to support custom MT frames from oRA2/Blizzard tank frames that work like normal frames. I would like to throw another vote out there for MT frames, this is the one thing I miss after switching from Pitbull. I have been using the default Blizzard MT frame but it doesn't sho...