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File: devnull03-13-08
Posted By: vincentgdg
Many thanks for this addon, I like it very much and use it with all of my chars. There is some things that would make this addon perfect: I hate this "chuck norris" spam and I would like to mute all messages with "chuck norris" in it. I think it should be possible to set different text filters. And some of the features of ST...
File: WoWKB10-14-07
Posted By: vincentgdg
Hello. Since last patch I get an error whenever moving the mouse pointer over certain mobs. I fixed it with: Line 719: --assert(false, "nil or invalid parameter to StripTextColors") Line 842: if description and string.find(description,TEXT(WOWKB_LEVEL),1,true) ~= nil then Cheers Vince
File: ShardAce09-27-07
bag sorting
Posted By: vincentgdg
Originally posted by power50 I attempted to update and replace the old shardace with this patches shard ace... still getting the error where shards won't go to shard pouch... help please :( You can use Auto-Bag for this. It sorts every kind of stuff in every bag, and you can even set a second bag. It is adopted by me and wor...
File: FuBar - TrainerFu03-25-07
error when closing trainer frame
Posted By: vincentgdg
Whenever I close a trainer frame I get: Fehler: attempt to index field 'skillRanks' (a nil value) AddOn: FuBar_TrainerFu Datei:Trainer.lua Zeile:24 This is the german client. Regards Thomas
File: DoubleWide03-08-07
error on german client
Posted By: vincentgdg
Fehler: attempt to index field 'QuestLogFrame' (a nil value) AddOn: DoubleWide Datei:DoubleWide.lua Zeile:2 Fehler Nummer:1 After that, nothing changes on the frame.
File: XLoot03-05-07
cannot roll on an item
Posted By: vincentgdg
After I installed the latest xloot addons, when looting in a group I didn't get the possibility to roll on an item anymore. The frame where I can choose just didn't come up. I disabled all xloot mods but xloot itself and it worked again. What did I do wrong?
File: XLoot03-02-07
I use german (deDE) and have just...
Posted By: vincentgdg
I use german (deDE) and have just d/l all xloot mods and updated them, but I use WoWAceUpdater also. The error keeps coming when I login. Originally posted by Xuerian vincentgdg: What locale are you, and, are you using the latest version of all the XLoot mods? Regards Thomas
File: ShardAce02-27-07
error when casting soul stone on german client
Posted By: vincentgdg
Fehler: invalid option in `format' Datei:Interface\AddOns\ShardAce\ShardAce.lua Zeile:281 Fehler Nummer:1
File: XLoot02-27-07
Startup error on german client
Posted By: vincentgdg
Fehler: AceLocale(AnchorsAway): Cannot provide the same locale more than once. "enUS" provided twice. AddOn: XLoot Datei:AnchorsAway-1.0.lua Zeile:25 Fehler Nummer:1
File: ShardAce01-08-07
Posted By: vincentgdg
With my german client whenever I make a soul stone I get: Error: invalid option in `format' file:Interface\AddOns\ShardAce\ShardAce.lua line:247