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File: LUI v308-08-10
Love the UI
Posted By: Quxudaic
But I was wondering, their appears to be no way to see overall damage done on recount or to select specific fights. typing /recount show appears to do nothing, anyway to work around this?
File: Viviens kgPanels Collection04-17-10
I thought that might be the case. I...
Posted By: Quxudaic
I thought that might be the case. I removed my copies of kg-panels and kg-panels config from my addons folder (placing backups of them on my desktop) then put fresh copies of them from this pack in, still the same issue. I replaced (after backing up of course) my saved variables with the ones provided as well as instructed. Seeing...
File: Viviens kgPanels Collection04-16-10
Kg Error
Posted By: Quxudaic
I followed the steps in the instructions exactly, however upon logging in I get an error immediately. It appears the backgrounds are there (I can see them in the artwork tab) but choosing a profile/layout does nothing but cause more errors and generates a single randomly placed Grey panel on my UI. Maybe this is because I was alre...