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File: Dailies Quest Tracker07-20-09
Not on the minimap
Posted By: NatalieFord
I am not running Fu whateveritis but there is nothing on the minimap. How do I get the configuration UI to display?
File: WoW UI Designer11-11-05
Will this, or anything like it, eve...
Posted By: NatalieFord
Will this, or anything like it, ever be available for the Mac?
File: FilterTradeSkill09-18-05
Re: Interferes with Autocraft
Posted By: NatalieFord
(paraphrased): With AutoCraft and this mod activated, the AutoCraft modified buttons "Queue All","Queue", and "Queue Everything" do not show up and the default buttons are there instead. I'd love to use this mod, but I need the functionality of AutoCraft more right now. If you can fix this issue I'd love this mod. --Spiritfire I...