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File: HideActionBars03-26-12
I want to like it!
This was exactly what I was looking for the day you uploaded it, but now after using it for a day I can say it's a little buggy. First, when moving through load screens, sometimes the main bottom bar will show up, even though I have it set to hide. The two side action bars will stay hidden. Second, when I have the bars shown, t...
File: Geist12-30-10
I have a problem where the geist wi...
I have a problem where the geist window will stay open for some reason, and holding the keybind down will make geist hide instead of show. I figured out that it's primarily caused when the game loses focus while geist is up. (IE hold the geist hotkey, and alt-tab out. Then let go of the hotkey and alt tab back in.) If there was so...
File: Noob Report Card12-12-10
Hi, at level 53 my blacksmithing is nearly at 300. The NRC says I should have an NRC score of 318. Is this supposed to be a literal conversion? Because if so, your formula is incorrect. Level 300 professions make equipment for level 56-60 characters, which means NRC should recommend a character keep their professions at 5 points per...
File: Kong Automatic UI Hider12-10-10
Is there an option to show a bar based on resting? Really, I want to hide everything while I'm in town (as that usually means I'm RPing, or at the very least not PvP enabled. If I enter combat while in town, I assume they'll show again (via combat options in the settings) which is fine.
File: Conversation Manager (Fan update/improvements)07-13-10
Works GREAT! Only qualm I have n...
Works GREAT! Only qualm I have now is the 'copy' text window can't copy an entire conversation at once, only 10 or so lines. So if I want to copy a convo to notepad, I have to scroll to the top, hit the 'copy' button and select-all then copy, then scroll down ten lines, hit the 'copy' button and select-all then copy... so forth. R...
File: Conversation Manager (Fan update/improvements)06-29-10
Does this properly log party leader...
Does this properly log party leader now? I remember that was the reason I stopped using the old convo manager.
File: Conversation Manager03-15-10
Party leader messages
This addon still seems to work, except it doesn't log party leader messages. I've poked through the code, but as it's long and tedious, I have come to no conclusion why or how to fix it. Any update?
File: EasyAddFriend09-21-09
Still works!
Lightweight and still functions, patch 3.2
File: Toki's Simple Command Line Calculator07-04-09
My calculator of choice.
This is still my favorite calculator addon. I make sure I always have it, even on friends' computers when I'm on their computers. Lightweight but fully functional. The only thing I could ask more for is command stacking (IE, /cc 6*5/3; 4+4+2; 3^2+1 (which would output 10; 10; 10)). But I won't complain, since no other calculato...