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File: Dominos11-08-09
Spells Switching on Bars?
Posted By: TikTokk
Hi, I've been having this problem for awhile....and I really don't know what I'm doing thats causing it. In the middle of combat sometimes one of my bars will "copy" another bar. Let me explain: I have a particular bar that I have all of my healing spells on. Then I have another bar with my profession buttons on it (i.e first...
File: Auctioneer10-17-09
Problem with PCT
Posted By: TikTokk
Hi Whenever I use the browse tab, just about every single item shows up as >999% under the PCT column. However, it didn't used to be like this: items would either show up as a mixture of green, yellow, blue, red depending on the cost of the item. For example, when I browse linen cloth...no matter what its priced at it shows up as...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-10-09
Frame Order
Posted By: TikTokk
When in a 5man group...is there a way to change the order in which the 4 party frames are in? For example...if I want to have the tank on the very top, is there a way to drag his unit frame to the top? Or are the frames simply stuck in the order in which people join the group. Thanks!
File: Dominos05-31-09
Achievement Window
Posted By: TikTokk
Hi, Does Dominos allow you to move the achievement window (that tiny window that pops up near the center bottom of the screen)? And if not...will this maybe possibly be implemented later on? Thanks!!
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames04-19-09
Hi, I have a question. I noticed t...
Posted By: TikTokk
Hi, I have a question. I noticed that when I am grouping, I can see my groups buffs on their party unit frames...but I cannot see the buff durations...I have to mouse over the buff to see how much time is left. However, if I target the party member, the target unit frame shows that cool shadow-timer-thingy on the buff so I can visu...