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File: LightHeaded12-14-10
Cartographer isn't really the thing anymore
Posted By: Kyouki
The one everyone likes is hopeless broken and the other doesn't work well either... pretty much everyone I know is using Mapster now (I wish I could figure out how to make it go full screen, I miss cartograper) But since Cartographer isn't really working anymore, can you designate a basic map addon - Mapster or whatever you like (...
File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar10-03-10
Out of date?
Posted By: Kyouki
I just downloaded the most recent version of this beta, but it's coming up red as out of date.. Is there a more recent version, or is this one still good? (I also get the same error for Recount oddly and that too was just downloaded and installed) Thanks in advance for a response!
File: LightHeaded10-03-10
Posted By: Kyouki
Hi Cladhaire :) I've been using Lightheaded (with tomtom) for longer than I can remember; where others choose QuestHelper or other addons, I always seem to know where to go... at least if they'll give a second to read through the comments... some are long, but rarely am I left without help. I'm in the group that was alpha testi...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu08-10-09
Originally posted by Kudane none...
Posted By: Kyouki
Originally posted by Kudane none of the fixes worked for me... guess i have to wait for a full update. Me neither. Do we have an idea as to when an update will be out? I miss having it.. (and when, my god, can we get rid of the enforced no choice double quest panes... but that is another issue)
File: LightHeaded04-19-09
Having three panes instead of two
Posted By: Kyouki
Hi -- I've used lightheaded for quite a while and recently when I updated it, it changed - now I am forced to have a large three pane display - the full quest log open, and attached to that the quest that I'm interested in, and then the lightheaded info. Before, when I opened my quest log, I'd see the normal quest log and then...