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File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu05-22-09
Oh, also, if you happen to know the...
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Oh, also, if you happen to know the names/spellids of thigns that give those insane damage buffs/debuffs on bosses, post those too. I can start building up a blacklist then :)
File: XPBarNone05-22-09
Added the next level token. :) The...
Posted By: phyber
Added the next level token. :) The pet XP bar I might take a look into at some point. I don't have a hunter though, which makes it kind of difficult ;)
File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu05-22-09
Re: Updated Vulnerable Mobs
Posted By: phyber
Thanks for those. They'll appear in the next released version :) Haven't raided myself for a while, so I don't see quite as many vulnerable mobs now ;) Originally posted by Unskilled -- WotLK Instances -- ---------------------]] -- The Eye of Eternity -- = true, -- Malygos -- Ulduar -- = true, -- Heart...
File: Cromulent04-22-09
New version is up (v1.3), contains...
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New version is up (v1.3), contains fishing information for Northrend, levels are those listed as the base fishing levels on El's Anglin'.
File: Cromulent04-21-09
Fishing information is provided by...
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Fishing information is provided by LibTourist-3.0, if it wasn't added to that yet, then there is nothing to show. That said, I've taken a look at El's Extreme Anglin' and added the base fishing levels (for Northrend, other continents still come from LibTourist) to Cromulent itself. A new version with this info should appear later...
File: Cromulent04-17-09
Cromulent already gives fishing inf...
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Cromulent already gives fishing info for zones and I have no plan to remove it :) I think it's still useful to have, since although you can fish anywhere, you'll mainly be catching junk until you get to the proper fishing level for the zone.
File: BagSlots04-02-09
Re: Consolidate counts for each type of bag, please?
Posted By: phyber
Originally posted by Wizardling Any chance of consolidating counts for each type of bag? :-) It sounds quite easy to do, but how exactly would it be displayed? If you have two herb bags, total the number of slots and then show it on the first herb bag that was found?
File: Cromulent03-25-09
Originally posted by Shadowcall c...
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Originally posted by Shadowcall can the info text be moved in right or left? Currently, it cannot. That's a good idea though, and I'll look into it. Maybe an option for resizing it too.
File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu03-23-09
It's not ideal, but for those still...
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It's not ideal, but for those still receiving the 't' nil value errors, you can try: /script TopScoreFu:FixIt() which should spam your chat window a bit telling you which bits were broken as it fixes them. You might want to backup your saved variables for TopScoreFu just in case something terrible happens, but this is the functi...
File: XPBarNone11-18-08
I am supporting it here, it just ge...
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I am supporting it here, it just gets to Curse faster since they sync with wowace.com now.
File: FuBar - MoneyFu06-18-08
Re: update
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Originally posted by LuciferDragon Doesn't seem to work with 2.4.2, so could you please update? Really love this addon. Keep dancing! :banana: It works fine. If it's giving errors, you need to submit them via the bug report tool.
File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu06-18-08
Re: Error
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Originally posted by FicX Interface\AddOns\FuBar_TopScoreFu\TopScoreFu.lua:637: attempt to index field '?' ( nil value) how to fix it? ;( You need to say which version you're running, and submit it through the bug reports tool. :)
File: Embiggen05-25-08
Re: Re: Waypoint
Posted By: phyber
As Vesuuvius said, TomTom is the way to go for replacing Cartographer's Waypoints module :)
File: FuBar - MoneyFu01-03-08
Originally posted by WoWChicomalo...
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Originally posted by WoWChicomalo Is there a way to remove the information about money from this addon? It gets in the way sometime and all I really care is how much I have not all that information about how much profit I made etc.. :cool: The "Simplified Tooltip" option sounds like what you want.
File: FuBar - DigiCamFu01-03-08
PNG is supported, but only for the...
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PNG is supported, but only for the Mac version of WoW. You'll need to shout at Blizzard to get it included in the Windows version ;)
File: XPBarNone07-14-07
Originally posted by btman I also...
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Originally posted by btman I also got the shared Media error with XPBarNone from files.wowace.com The V 38340 works... But V 40484 gets the error. Using 38340 at the moment. It's fixed on the SVN now.
File: FuBar - BagFu06-03-07
Originally posted by asengul actu...
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Originally posted by asengul actually simpler, you could fix what's wrong with your plugin, if everyone is having the same issue with one plugin, being your's, it is an issue with your coding and not someone else's There was NOT a problem with either plugin. It WAS a problem with library versions. Library issues are out of my c...
File: XPBarNone05-24-07
Originally posted by Solkan Is th...
Posted By: phyber
Originally posted by Solkan Is there any chance to implement an option, which allows only to show your xp values on mouseover and therefor the reputation values not until (example:) ALT+mouseover? Has been requested before. When I have the time to think of a decent way of doing it, it might show up :)
File: oGlow05-18-07
Fizzle colours the items border acc...
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Fizzle colours the items border according to the items quality. This is what Fizzle was originally made for. It also adds the durability numbers to the item, those are coloured depending on the durability.
File: XPBarNone05-08-07
For people who have managed to get...
Posted By: phyber
For people who have managed to get their XPBar to disappear off the screen somehow, I've now added a screen clamp option. Toggling this on should force the XPBar back onto the screen. If you leave it toggled on, it will never be able to get off the screen.
File: XPBarNone05-08-07
Re: Changing rext xp % to #
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Originally posted by velvyt I updated xpbarnone and now it only shows rested xp in % form, I cnat seem to figure out how to switch it to a # form instead... Anyonw know how? Read the README.txt for information on which runes you can use to configure the XP Text.
File: FuBar - BagFu04-16-07
This is a problem with your librari...
Posted By: phyber
This is a problem with your libraries. Either update ALL of your Ace2 libraries, or delete the libraries included with BagFu/TopScoreFu. Problem Solved.
File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu04-14-07
It's fine. Update your libraries a...
Posted By: phyber
It's fine. Update your libraries as facboy suggests. Or delete the new libs that come with this TopScoreFu. Your choice.
File: XPBarNone02-08-07
Re: Amazing
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Originally posted by av2zeal Can I get an option for ? That would be the percentage needed to level. Shouldn't be difficult. Should appear soon :)
File: XPBarNone02-03-07
Re: Re: Re: Feature Request
Posted By: phyber
I think the term "bubble" is a bit misleading, maybe "segment" or something like that but it's not at all Bubble I think I'll rename the option, segments does sound better :)