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File: TourGuide06-01-08
Would it be feasible to create a gu...
Posted By: Creisson
Would it be feasible to create a guide that'd be just an optimized circuit for daily quests? I'm thinking either the fastest route possible, or something that'd take into consideration if the person needs more rep out of a certain faction or something and thus should run more of their dailies...
File: Simple Soulstone04-05-08
Cannot toggle standby anymore
Posted By: Creisson
I put SSS on standby once, and now I can't use /sss to put re-enable it. The fubar plugin is still there, but there's no option to take it out of standby mode...
File: Dailies Quest Tracker04-05-08
Does not detect Heroic Daily when it's Botanica
Posted By: Creisson
On the tooltip, it seems to match for "Wanted: Warp Splinter Clipping", and the real name of the quest is "Wanted: A Warp Splinter Clipping". This might be why it doesn't think I have it, though I don't know if you're looking for quest ID.
File: Admiral Ackbar03-26-08
Reading the code, it looks like it...
Posted By: Creisson
Reading the code, it looks like it only does raid/party notifications, so if you're not grouped you only hear the sounds (which is what happened to me in a BG). Would it be possible to add an option to do visual warnings, maybe routing through sct? WitchHunt can probably take care of it, I guess, but since this is a specialized addon...