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File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)03-10-11
Re: Suf fading problem
Posted By: Cpyeah
Originally posted by Tonyleila Hi Cpyeah so here this will solve your problem: - type /suf - Scroll down on the first page (tap has to be "general") - Go to "spells" and enter one of your friendly spells (eg: Flashheal) and an aggressive spell (eg. Mindblast) Here's a screen for u Danka!
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)03-08-11
Hey there Leila, So here's the p...
Posted By: Cpyeah
Hey there Leila, So here's the problem. On ever other server I play on the Ui loads and works properly. I make minor tweaks cause unfortunately I don't have your video settings. But as you can see on this one server I play on no matter what I try the Target frame and my Party frames are always faded no matter how close to them I a...