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File: MayronUI Gen508-30-12
Error in KgPanels
Posted By: Abxell
Hey,first of all. I love your UI =) However since the update the retract panel isn't working =( Kgpanels says it can't load the file for it. How can i fix this? Thanks in advance!
File: Jasje_UI [1680x1050] Final.08-09-09
Re: Re: Stance bar?
Posted By: Abxell
Originally posted by jasje i use the stance bar myself to it's underneath the ToT unitframe. [/Q Ah yeah XD had a momentary spazz before i remembered I was on my priest's heal spec rather then his Shadow spec, when I switched the shadow form button appeared where the paladin aura's are :) Thanks for answering anyways!
File: Jasje_UI [1680x1050] Final.08-09-09
Stance bar?
Posted By: Abxell
For some reason the stance bar doesnt work in bartender and i cant find a way to enable it. Is this caused by the addon itself or is this part of the UI?
File: Jasje_UI [1680x1050] Final.07-29-09
Posted By: Abxell
First of all love your UI it looks very nice :). However after typing /reflux switch Jasje SLDT wont show my gold =/ and disableing/enabling wont fix it.
File: Panther06-19-09
Originally posted by Kupotek Righ...
Posted By: Abxell
Originally posted by Kupotek Rightclick the map :) Thanks found it :D
File: Panther06-18-09
Can the border around the minimap b...
Posted By: Abxell
Can the border around the minimap be changed? Not sure where to look to change it, asides that I love your UI and happy to use it :) - Guren,The Sha'tar EU
File: Buffed!04-21-09
Good work
Posted By: Abxell
Love your addon. :) Only wish I have is to save profiles so I don't have to set it up seperately again on all my characters. but other then that. Your addon is great. Keep up the awesome work :)