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File: Accountant05-02-09
Not sure if this has been discussed...
Posted By: gedrus
Not sure if this has been discussed, but there is an older addon that goes by the name of Depositbox (or some variation thereof). I believe this addon has been dropped by the author. I think it would be a fantastic addition to a future release of accountant. Obviously, I don't know your intent for later revisions of this addon, ju...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames04-21-09
Posted By: gedrus
First of all, thank you for a great product. I did not notice a previous post about this, so I am sorry if it has been covered. The Runebar for Deathknights is right below the Player frame. This is fine, but I wouldn't mind being able to detach the runebar and place it below my character with the combat display. It would be g...