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File: Carbon UI - DPS / Heal / Tank12-18-12
Hi. Great UI bla bla bla :) I ha...
Posted By: Rossiluis
Hi. Great UI bla bla bla :) I have a minor problem that I couldn't resolve... My Quest's progress counter or the "warning" at the middle that's usual to appear when u're doing the quests like "u've killed 3/10 mobs" or "Quest Complete" doens't appear to me... Any way to resolve this? Tks in advance.
File: MayronUI Gen508-07-12
Re: antialiasing
Posted By: Rossiluis
Nice compilation but I've still 1 question... I've a Mage that play Fire on PVE and Frost on PVP...How I switch the spells bar when I switch build???? Cause I manage my butons at fire and when I switch for frost the spells were exactly the same... And at in this scenario when I've 2 dps builds couldn't I use the heal one for t...