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File: Altoholic01-27-10
Posted By: Khirsanth
In case you don't hear it enough...Your addon rules, thanks for your time and effort. Not sure how Id sort through the mountains of crap on mules etc if it weren't for this mod.
File: EquipSetBanker01-20-10
Originally posted by PProvost Min...
Posted By: Khirsanth
Originally posted by PProvost Mine is working in 3.3. I will update the TOC and push a release. Hopefully it works for you too. Thanks :) I love this addon btw, so handy.
File: EquipSetBanker12-24-09
Unfortunately this is broken with 3...
Posted By: Khirsanth
Unfortunately this is broken with 3.3 for me at least.
File: kgPanels10-12-09
Posted By: Khirsanth
Greetings, I am trying to have a few custom frames on my screen that when clicked perform an action, ie a spel l or something. There was a youtube video but it was so grainy I couldn't read what he was typing lol. For example with a typical frame what precisely do I type in OnClick to make a spell cast? I have intercept mouse...
File: Combuctor10-11-09
Bank Frame Bug
Posted By: Khirsanth
I've been using combuctor for a long time, and have enjoyed it a lot. There is a problem with it however that has me finally frustrated. When I first open my bank, nothing is interact-able, and the tool tips on hover are default, not actual. IE something with a duration displays its starting duration instead of the actual time. I...
File: MagnetButtons09-13-09
Posted By: Khirsanth
Would it be possible for you to add conditions for showing and hiding each button? I have been waiting for an addon that creates buttons instead of bars for awhile now in the hopes that I can have my interrupts, and things like overpower etc docked near my play field but invisible, and unclickable when not needed. IE Soandso begins...
File: Combuctor07-24-09
Bank Frame Obstruction
Posted By: Khirsanth
Greetings, I used bagnon for a long time, and then when Combuctor came out I switched to that, and have been very satisfied with it. Thanks for all your effort. I have one issue with the mod, and that is when I open my bank occasionally I can not click on any icons in my bank until I have clicked the sort by quality icons on the...
File: Chaos Frame Modifier05-24-09
Posted By: Khirsanth
Greetings, I was an avid follower of the discord mods when they were active. It's great to see dfm remade and available, however the one I really miss is dart. Do you have a connection to a rebuild of that? On your mod I like its minimalism, and thanks for your effort :) Edit: I found your reference to an external site with...