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File: Quick Auctions 306-27-09
Ther's a bug with enchanting right...
Posted By: raduweiss
Ther's a bug with enchanting right now. When you open up the "Materials Required" in the enchanting trade skill panel, the list is empty even if you have many enchant scrolls queued. I think the cause of this may be that you compare the list of items produced by the trade skills with the list of items produced, and since the resul...
File: WebEPGP04-22-09
Recurring EP Award?
Posted By: raduweiss
Hello 1. I looked a bit at the add-on, and I noticed it does not have a recurring EP award. In my guild, we currently use EPGP, and give EP based on the time spent in the raid, basically there's 100 EP every 15 minutes. Is it possible to do this with WebEPGP? 2. Also, as a side-issue: I have heard that add-ons in WoW may only s...